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Claim Preparation

I’m fully insured, why do I need help with my claim?

Sustaining a loss can have a considerable impact on a business. This is not just because of the physical loss/damage sustained but also the distractions that inevitably arise when the management team have to handle the claim and keep the business going. Our service takes the burden from the people in charge of the business and allows them to get on with the day to day business of running the company.

Our practical approach – Been there, done that!

John Basinger has over 35 years’ experience as a loss adjuster. Add that to his qualifications in Business Continuity Planning and Risk Management and there is a unique wealth of knowledge and experience at the disposal of a business sustaining a loss.

How does our service work?

Most of our work comes through our insurance broker contacts and has two main streams:

  • Pre-nomination through our Business Continuity Planning service
  • One-off appointments

In the case of pre-nomination, you can imagine the level of support we can provide in the event of a claim, based upon our in- depth knowledge of a client’s business through having developed their recovery plans.

In either case, following notification of a new loss we arrange initial attendance as quickly as possible.

In all cases our expertise and experience helps in:

  • Loss mitigation – advice on damage limitation
  • Claim preparation – ensuring you understand the scope of cover available
  • Settlement negotiation – making sure you receive your full entitlement under the policy

the benefits summarised

  • Advice and support from respected professional team
  • In the event of a loss , with pre-planning and our support on day one of a loss, you will be better-placed to respond quickly and efficiently
  • We understand the claims process from our loss adjusting background
  • We manage the claim ,allowing  the management team to remain focused on running their business
  • You have the confidence that your claim is being managed by experts from day one