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business continuity services

What is Business Continuity Planning?

Business Continuity Planning is all about reviewing the way a business operates and improving practices and procedures to increase resilience to interruption and loss.

Identifying, assessing and managing risk is now an essential element of business survival whatever your business size.

I’m fully insured, why do I need to have a plan?

A Business Continuity Plan dovetails with an insurance programme as it includes review and management of those risks which are not traditionally insured.

The majority of our work derives from introductions from insurance companies and brokers and tend to arise for three main reasons:

  • Need to mitigate Business Interruption exposure
  • A client’s customer requiring evidence of supply chain resilience during a tender process
  • Client concern to improve controls within their business

Our practical approach

John Basinger has created a streamlined, practical BCP service based on his 35 plus years as a commercial loss adjuster. With all of his experience from attending large and complex losses he is well-placed to help business owners to review their business and create joined – up plans to respond to a wide range of potentially disastrous loss scenarios.

How does our service work?

We offer a free consultation to prospective clients and always invite the insurance broker to attend. The meeting allows us to explain what Business Continuity Planning involves and to find out more about the client’s business.

Following the meeting, we provide a detailed, costed project plan .Typically the project involves the following steps:

  1. Initial fact gathering exercise on site to understand the workings of the business
  2. Reporting on risk management improvement, covering :
    1. Supply chain
    2. Physical & business risk
    3. Single points of failure
  3. Draft Business Continuity Plan documents
  4. Review on site with the client
  5. Completion of documents

the benefits summarised

  • Advice and support from respected professional team
  • A well prepared business is more efficient and profitable
  • Evidence provided by a Business Continuity Plan is vital to attract and retain top quality customers
  • Insurers acknowledge the importance of  Business Continuity Plan as it dovetails with the policy cover
  • All this adds up to peace of mind that you your business is properly prepared and under control